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July 4th, 2008
[ mood | drunk ]

ADD: gloryiscalling
my new LJ account.
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February 20th, 2007
[ mood | busy ]

That's right kiddos, friends only.
So you know what that means - comment this post for an add.
tell me who you are; if i don't know you you should probably tell me why you want to be added
that would be quite nice, i reckon.

-will put a pretty banner here when she has time-
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twenty things to do before i'm twenty [Friday
January 26th, 2007
[ mood | accomplished ]

i've decided to re-do the list.
06.03.08 - 16 next month so that gives me 4 years.

1. Get a Job and earn some money.
2. Become less dependant on others.
3. Help someone do something amazing.
4. Kiss in the rain.
5. Write a song.
6. Do a photography course.
7. Have something of mine published.
8. Save a life.
9. Meet McFLY & get Danny to sign my iPod.
10. Become a semi decent guitarist.
11. Travel with my dad to Africa.
12. Meet some mcarmy girls.
13. Learn to drive.
14. Own something priceless.
15. Stop 'it'.
16. Go to aother festival with Pippa.
17. Do something special with Anisha.
18. Own VIP tickets for a gig.
19. Know the route so I can drive to Cornwall.
20. Overcome my fear of buses.

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Ficcageee [Thursday
November 30th, 2006
[ mood | cranky ]

Im all mushy today.
Haha. I cry too much...the simplist things set me off. XD
Oh wells.


So I have another update for y'all. :]

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This is pretty much what I said to Jlee =] [Tuesday
November 28th, 2006
[ mood | crappy ]

Bleh - this is just stuff about the McFLY trip :)

DANNY HAD HIS PICNIC SHIRT ON! fsdpnhkdfnhklsdf!!

Rawwr. it was awesome, but Im gutted cuz I didn't get any pictures. My mum got all twitchy :x She was all "You can't take photos...they said no photos...you'll have your camera taken away...don't take photos!" and in the end she took it off me >:| Poo bum of a mother. There I am sat going, "I don't care, I want Pictures! McFLY don't care do they? Nuuuu!" Bleh. In the end it was just a ban on flash photos anyway :/ Gutted like a wee fishy. =[

The only other down parts were that they had to do a shorter show cuz the tent thingy blew away D: And because it was shorter - they did less songs. =[ So no; Drum off; Beastie Boys cover; Ghostbusters and most importantly NO NOT ALONE D: Oh yeah - and I could hardly see Dougie due to a fucking great big pole. >;|

BUT IT WAS AWESOMEEEEE. <333 Srsly worth it :D Dougie burps alot. Oh yeahhh. Tom asked Danny to tell us what the next song was...bad idea! Danny started doing impressions of Tom Singing "Sorry's Not Good Enough" with added lisp. I was pissing myself laughing so hard XD Tom was all, "well thats not very nice, do it again." So he did - but worse :P So tom just gave up and started the intro. Hehe. <3

 McFLY. Okay, my mum was talking to their stage dudes. I dunno what they're called D: And they were talking about "Dannys fetish for checkered shirts" haha. And what was it? Oh yeah. "Low flying bread rolls and food fights." And something else...Oh yeah. Alchybooze :P Wheee.

Soooo. Thats what I said, I'll write something that would make sence later on...when I can be bothered :x  Something a little more..yeah.

Oh yeah. One last thing. Why do I have a sudden urge to listen to lil chris?

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O.o [Thursday
November 23rd, 2006
[ mood | ecstatic ]

This is gunna be one hell of a weekend. =] So, Tomorrow is going to be an early start, gotta get everything ready, get over the ferry, catch a bus to the train station, catch the train, and then get another us to butlins. Wow. How I HATE public transport. And a bloody RED suit case...my mother has no taste. :x It has wheels though - always a plus. So I've gotta be up..which mean's im going to have had SOME sleep...pretty hard. To excited. XD But, as much as I hATE public transport, it's all for McFLY. josgsbjgbsj;dbg;klasdpnglk!

Okay - over the spaz now. x)
Myspace is being pooeh. >:| Taking foreverrrr to load, so long it times out X.x
LJ is being slowww. And killing everything >:| Poor firefox must have died a few times by now. =/
ITS EFFIN FREEZING HERE! Srsly...not cool -_- It's going to be bloody cold in the morning. I need my hot water bottle. =[

LITTLE JOANNA IS THE BEST WRITING SONG EVERRRR. <3 No joke. It roxors my pink fluffeh soxors. <3 Which reminds me :o I updated my 100 fics :] gdo[mn dgnlmdf - Not Alone just came on <3 Seriously - I think im on a high atm. xD Oh gawd, I just started crying..stupid song always makes me spazzzz >:| <3

Erm, yeahhhh. IM HUNGRY toooo :/ I wanna pastyyy. Mmm. Oh god, I felt so ill this morning. I thought I was going to be sick for sat, I think i ate to much pizza..either that or it was the WKD. =/ Who knows, im better nowwwww. <3 Thank God.


 So read ;

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Wooow [Tuesday
November 21st, 2006
[ mood | cold ]

Long time no write. Sorry Dudes. Busy Life atm.
Science GCSE exam tomorrow! D: Gawwd, Im nervous. Haha. Im sure i'll do fine - as long as I get above a C i'll be good. Hopefully a B. :/ Oh wells.

Oh yeahhhh - McFLYYYYY this Saturday :) Butlins, Minehead. Should be goooood :D What am I talking about? It will be fucking amazing! <3 I'll be sure to take lots of piccies. :D

Thats about it really. I havn't posted in a while cuz I forgot my p/w. Haha im so lame! XD And ive been revising..okay thats a dirty, fat, stinking lie! Oh well.

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Just to keep you amused =] [Monday
October 16th, 2006
[ mood | busy ]

pinkpolo92's LJ stalker is pwned_spit!
pwned_spit is stalking you because you said something bad about them on your LJ. They are also not very liked around here!

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Rawwr [Sunday
September 24th, 2006
[ mood | sore ]

Comment to be added.

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