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twenty things to do before i'm twenty

i've decided to re-do the list.
06.03.08 - 16 next month so that gives me 4 years.

1. Get a Job and earn some money.
2. Become less dependant on others.
3. Help someone do something amazing.
4. Kiss in the rain.
5. Write a song.
6. Do a photography course.
7. Have something of mine published.
8. Save a life.
9. Meet McFLY & get Danny to sign my iPod.
10. Become a semi decent guitarist.
11. Travel with my dad to Africa.
12. Meet some mcarmy girls.
13. Learn to drive.
14. Own something priceless.
15. Stop 'it'.
16. Go to aother festival with Pippa.
17. Do something special with Anisha.
18. Own VIP tickets for a gig.
19. Know the route so I can drive to Cornwall.
20. Overcome my fear of buses.

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