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This is gunna be one hell of a weekend. =] So, Tomorrow is going to be an early start, gotta get everything ready, get over the ferry, catch a bus to the train station, catch the train, and then get another us to butlins. Wow. How I HATE public transport. And a bloody RED suit case...my mother has no taste. :x It has wheels though - always a plus. So I've gotta be up..which mean's im going to have had SOME sleep...pretty hard. To excited. XD But, as much as I hATE public transport, it's all for McFLY. josgsbjgbsj;dbg;klasdpnglk!

Okay - over the spaz now. x)
Myspace is being pooeh. >:| Taking foreverrrr to load, so long it times out X.x
LJ is being slowww. And killing everything >:| Poor firefox must have died a few times by now. =/
ITS EFFIN FREEZING HERE! Srsly...not cool -_- It's going to be bloody cold in the morning. I need my hot water bottle. =[

LITTLE JOANNA IS THE BEST WRITING SONG EVERRRR. <3 No joke. It roxors my pink fluffeh soxors. <3 Which reminds me :o I updated my 100 fics :] gdo[mn dgnlmdf - Not Alone just came on <3 Seriously - I think im on a high atm. xD Oh gawd, I just started crying..stupid song always makes me spazzzz >:| <3

Erm, yeahhhh. IM HUNGRY toooo :/ I wanna pastyyy. Mmm. Oh god, I felt so ill this morning. I thought I was going to be sick for sat, I think i ate to much pizza..either that or it was the WKD. =/ Who knows, im better nowwwww. <3 Thank God.


 So read ;

Word: Water
Word Count: n/a
Couple: Dougie&Lauren
Title: Water Fight
Summary: After being bored back home, Lauren headsovers to Dougies.
Rating: Everybody.
A/N: Little Joanna Is the best writing song ever <3

Lauren knocked on the front door of Dougies flat after being invited to go round his for the day - Saving her from an almost certain death due to boredom. "Go round the back!" came a familiar voice and so she did. It was a hot day, cloudless day on the out skirts of London. As she walked around the house, she could her stiffled giggles but saw nothing due to the high fence surrounding Dougies garden. Slowly she turned the door nob on the gate and stuck her head round the corner...Nothing. Thinking nothing of it she opened the gate wider and confidently walked through into the garden. Big mistake.

"Surprise!" Shouted an excited Dougie as he aimed his water gun at her and sprayed - getting her soaked.
She screamed with anger, which turned into giggles as Dougie continued to spray, showing no signs of stopping,or running out of water, anytime soon. "Perfect day for a water fight, what do you say?" he asked through giggles. "Well, you think you can get me soaked to the skin, and me to not get you back? Silly boy." she replied laughing. Dougie just giggled and chucked another water gun at her, which had been sitting at his feet the whole time. "Try your worse then, you'll have to catch me first!" He shouted, and like an excited little boy, he sped off around the garden, whilst Lauren chased him giggiling madly.

After about half an hour Dougie stuck his head up from behind a wall, and was faced with a rather angry looking Lauren, who still had half her water left. "I surrender! Im all outta water Loz!" Lauren just laughed at his misfortune, "That's such a shame Doogle, I still have quite a bit left you see, and Im planning to put it to good use!" She hear dougie gasp as she spoke, "B-but, that's not fair!"
"Neither was you spraying me when I walked in just now, I didn't know what you were planning did I?" Dougie looked at his feet before he spoke, "I guess so...but it's still not fair! Im already pretty wet, and my shirt will go see through! You wouldn't want that now would you?" Lauren just shrugged, "incase you hadn't noticed, im wetter than you, and I've already gone see through! Now, I'll do a deal with you." Dougie nodded as he listened intently to what she had to say. "You get me some clean, dry clothes, and I won't get you wet...well...that wet anyway." Dougie laughed, fine, fine, just don't get me wet again once im changed. Come in then, put the gun down!" He said as she followed him. "Bleh, you're no fun. I had an unfair advantage Dougie Lee." she stuck my tounge out at him as he glared at me from using his middle name. Putting the gun next to Dougies, she followed him into his flat where she spent the rest of the dancing, singing, playing and just generally being stupid.
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