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This is pretty much what I said to Jlee =]

Bleh - this is just stuff about the McFLY trip :)

DANNY HAD HIS PICNIC SHIRT ON! fsdpnhkdfnhklsdf!!

Rawwr. it was awesome, but Im gutted cuz I didn't get any pictures. My mum got all twitchy :x She was all "You can't take photos...they said no photos...you'll have your camera taken away...don't take photos!" and in the end she took it off me >:| Poo bum of a mother. There I am sat going, "I don't care, I want Pictures! McFLY don't care do they? Nuuuu!" Bleh. In the end it was just a ban on flash photos anyway :/ Gutted like a wee fishy. =[

The only other down parts were that they had to do a shorter show cuz the tent thingy blew away D: And because it was shorter - they did less songs. =[ So no; Drum off; Beastie Boys cover; Ghostbusters and most importantly NO NOT ALONE D: Oh yeah - and I could hardly see Dougie due to a fucking great big pole. >;|

BUT IT WAS AWESOMEEEEE. <333 Srsly worth it :D Dougie burps alot. Oh yeahhh. Tom asked Danny to tell us what the next song was...bad idea! Danny started doing impressions of Tom Singing "Sorry's Not Good Enough" with added lisp. I was pissing myself laughing so hard XD Tom was all, "well thats not very nice, do it again." So he did - but worse :P So tom just gave up and started the intro. Hehe. <3

 McFLY. Okay, my mum was talking to their stage dudes. I dunno what they're called D: And they were talking about "Dannys fetish for checkered shirts" haha. And what was it? Oh yeah. "Low flying bread rolls and food fights." And something else...Oh yeah. Alchybooze :P Wheee.

Soooo. Thats what I said, I'll write something that would make sence later on...when I can be bothered :x  Something a little more..yeah.

Oh yeah. One last thing. Why do I have a sudden urge to listen to lil chris?
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