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Im all mushy today.
Haha. I cry too much...the simplist things set me off. XD
Oh wells.


So I have another update for y'all. :]

Word: Candle
Word Count: n/a
Couple: Danny&Rach
Title: Surprise
Summary: Candle lit dinner for two anyone?
Rating: R
A/N: CHEESY! Haha. Cheesy Mush. :P

Rach was locked in her room upstairs raiding her wardrobe looking for something suitable to wear. Danny had left her a message on her phone, telling her that he had a nice surprise for her and that she was to dress up fancy. Rach had no idea what Danny was planning, but she didn't care. Any chance to dress up was a great one. There were a few choice outfits spread out on her bed - skirts; jeans; cute tees and finally a silky dress. Remembering that Danny had told to dress up fancy, she finally decided to go with the black, silky dress Danny had once bought for her a while after they first met. Slipping it on, she remembered the night they had had when she first wore it, she remembered their first date, their first kiss. She smirked to herself when she remembered she'd left Danny wanting more. She wondered if Danny still remembered the song they danced to. She highly doubted it - he had possibly the crappiest memory ever. Giggling to herself, she slid on her shoes, grabbed her purse and headed over to the bedside table, where she took her phone and looked at the time. She still had another half an hour before Danny was due to pick her up.

Unlocking her bedroom door, she walked down the stairs into the kitchen when she took out her phone and texted Lauren. Ello Doogle, don't bother coming round tonight - I won't be in. Out with Dan. Have fun without me and say hi to Doug from me. Rach x Almost instantly she recieved a message back; Ohhh, very nice ;) Have fun & don't forget to tell me all about it. Oh yeah, Doug says hey...well he waved...but obviously you can't see him so... Loz x She just giggled to herself at how funny her friends were. She'd be lost without them.


Danny arrived 5 minutes early, which surprised Rach seeing as though he was usually late. He was dressed up too - In a Tux. She gasped when she saw him and he just smiled. "You look beautiful tonight if I say so myself!" He smiled, "I could say the same about you too. You look adorable in a Tux Mr.Jones." She giggled and Danny took her arm and lead her to an awaiting Limo. "So where are we off to? And why have I been told to dress up eh?" Danny just laughed and whispered something to the driver, "Nowhere special...I just need to pop back to mine quickly to pick something up." Rach nodded, got out of the limo and followed Danny into his house. Lights were all out - yet there was still a gentle flickering of light coming from the dining room. Curious, Rach followed the light (lol - dont go toward the lightttt..sorry XD) whilst Danny ran upstairs to get whatever he needed.

Slowly Rach pushed open the door and gasped. The sight that she was met with was just too much for her. A tear escaped her eye and she felt Danny pull her into a hug from behind. "Surprise Princess."Danny whispered in her ear. There infront of them, was a candle lit dinner for two. "D-Danny. I..you..." Danny cut her off with a kiss, "I love you Rachael. I truely do." he said softly and smiled down at her. More tears fell from Rach's eyes, and it looked a bit like Danny was going to cry too. "I love you too, Danny." she giggled a bit. "What? Why are you laughing? Have I got something on my face or what?" he joked. "Nope, It's just. Haha. Im in love with Danny Jones. Do you have any idea how many fan girls are out there that want you? And yet - you're mine." They both laughed at Rach's comment. "Yeah, but I don't care about them. I care about you." She scrunched her face up and danny poked her nose, "It's trueeeee! Anyway, lets eat. Im starved." Rach laughed at him before following him and sitting down to eat. Who would have known Danny was such a romantic? It was a side of him she liked, a side she'd like to see more of maybe? "Hey Danny? I was thinking earlier, when I was getting ready. Do you remember our first kiss?" She grinned at him across the table waiting for him to remember. When he did his facial expression changed to a smirk. "Yeah I remember that. You were playing hard to get. But I got you in the end." he added. The rest of the evening was spent reminiscing over the past, and to Rachael's surprise - Danny did remember their song. Angels.

And through it all she offers me protection,
A lot of love and affection,
Whether I’m right or wrong.
And down the waterfall,
Wherever it may take me,
I know that life wont break me.
When I come to call she wont forsake me,
I’m loving angels instead.
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